What We Do

We spend time every place we go loving on kids and youth in desperate need. Locally and globally we serve and support orphans, refugees, homeless children, kids in foster care and more. We understand that we can not change their circumstances, but we CAN show them they are deeply LOVED, VALUABLE, and created for a PURPOSE!

We believe when each person knows how God sees them, they will have the foundation to build a life full of joy. A life of loving Him and others. This will in fact change the legacy of their next generations to come.

Kids and Youth We love

Be Heartfelt serving at an orphange in Peru.

Spending an afternoon at a local orphanage in Peru.

Spending time on Guam

The children, like this young girl, come to the island of Palau from their home island to receive an education. They speak a different language and live with minimal needs on a reserve. We bring small gifts of “joy” to the kids like crayons, and coloring books.

playing soccer

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We spend time loving on kids and youth that have experienced difficult circumstances in their young years.  Each child is unique and so is their story.  We visit orphanages, homelessness communities, refugees, and kids in foster care to name a few.  Follow our story and see where we go next!

Let’s build something together.

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